YYF Velocity review with a dorothy bearing

the Velocity is definitely a very good addition to the YYF intermediate line of yoyos and is quite inexpensive.

The feel wasn’t the best I have felt but also not the worst. The plastic is nice and the wings on the side are exactly where your ring and pointer fingers are which makes it feel quite good and like there is some width to the yoyo when it is actually fairly small. It does have a good diamater to it for normal sized yoyo fans. One issue I did have was a little line on the wings. Though it didn’t bother me a lot, it did scratch me a couple times. This yoyo was really light (even more so than my 201) which I did not like at all.

The spin was pretty good for an intermediate yoyo. I could do a slow split the atom. It slept for a good 25 to 30 seconds, but the dorothy bearing only extended the spin time a couple seconds so I wouldn’t waste my money on that. The yoyo also has a small gap for the string so once your yoyo hits an aditional string it’s sleep time is cut in half and if it leans it slows down fast.

The yoyo looks really good (some one at my school thinks it’s better than my M1 based on that) and really every color combo looks pretty good. It does look a little thin for it’s size even though it is as thin as an M1.

Ajustable gap
The ajustable gap allows you to tighten it and loosen it very well, but not while the yoyo is wound up. Also once you want to bind, it it’s not that good at binding. It doesn’t catch very well while binding and to get a good bind it needs to be close to responsive.

This yoyo is pretty good for string tricks, but it’s pretty much average in every other style.

Extra Issues
Cleaning. This is extreamly difficult on the outside because of the grove. To actually clean it you need a corner of a rag to get the dust out.

A very good beginner and intermediate yoyo at a low cost of $17.95.
Begginners 5/5 stars, intermediates 3/5 stars, advanced and up 0/5.
Definitely worth the cost!

If you have any questions simply post a reply and I will try to answer it as best I can. Thanks!

no offence,but that review doesnt have very good info about it.in the feel paraghraph,you didnt mention the h-shape,and its adjustable starbursts,not gap.you should also include the specs of the yoyo(gap,wheight,etc…)not just say’small gap’.

Thanks for the suggestion (this is my first time)

It was an ok review,especually for your first time,just try to inclucde more details next time. :wink: