The "I Cry about YYJ" Thread


Ok, we’re takin’ this to the streets, so to speak…

Why is it that regardless of the yo, any metal-rimmed YYJ I own simply won’t sleep true?

Case in point, I bought another Hitman recently, and it arrived yesterday. Please understand I love this thing, as well as the whole brand.

This thing has a wobble and vibe unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Every single YYJ I own will not throw true, but nothing compared to this new HM. The one that came the closest to behaving like it’s supposed to was my X-Con.

This new Hitman isn’t any different, as I mentioned. And yet it passes the finger test every single time. Is it really my throw? It almost can’t be. I can throw anything else smooth as butter. Why not these? I’m heartbroken here.

I’ve checked the caps. I’ve removed the caps. I’ve adjusted the gap width. I’ve tried shimming it. I’ve checked the o-rings. I’ve tried different bearings.

What else can I do here?


Only other thing I could think is Axle? My old PGM had an Axle issue. If you made a video or something of it or sent it to Andre you get it replaced.



Maybe just throw it a couple times. I would say maybe take it apart and spin the bearing a little. Also take the string off, put it back on and pull and tug to see does the bearing go with the string.


Yeah, but I have the feeling I’m just going to get another one in the same shape. This is my third Hitman, third Dark Magic, second Lyn Fury, and second X-Con. I’ve got to be the one doing something wrong here, I’m almost sure of it. I’d like to know what, though.

Mind you, all the others are relatively fine, but this newest Hitman is atrocious.

Tried that. Sadly, it brings me no closer to a smooth Hitman.


That sucks man. I’ve only owned 2 DM’s from YYJ, but they were both nice and smooth. I replaced the stock bearing with KK, and sili’d it, but thats about it.


What about taking out the bearing, hold the middle and roll it across a table or something to see if it’s the bearing’s interior’s problem. then put it back on and throw.


That must suck… WAIT!!! BRAIN THOUGHT!!! I LIKE COKE!!! Ok… we need…

I don’t want to say this but…

We need samad’s post. He never posts but we’ll make him. Samad… Didn’t Doc send you a HM? Did it wobble? And that Sucks for you if you just have a problem… Get like a BK or Speeder…


Yeah, see, I was just thinking about that. Samad never once complained about that HM, so I’m really getting the impression it’s something I’m doing.


You told me a few weeks ago that you put the string on the end knuckle of your finger when you throw… Maybe it’s that?

I get wobbly throws with my DM a majority of the time, but I figured that I was just my throw. Sometimes it is smooth like butter, but most of the time, there is at least a very slight wobble to it. Maybe we have the same problem?


i own a couple of yyj yo-yos and i love them all. ( DM ,Bolt, and X Con) non of are like nothing you have mentioned. Sorry to say it, but if you have had multiples of each one and they all do the same thing it might be you.
tickle it


I’m not denying that it is. I thought I made that clear. :slight_smile:

What I want to know is what specifically I might be doing that’s causing it.


Okay - I’m here. I think André would be a bit more help then me though.

Before I begin, might I ask, when you throw sleepers, do you keep your fingers up like the way André shows? Or do you automatically put your hand down and snap when you throw?


I’m not sure I understand the question.

(Connor) #14

Not a single one of my YYJ’s had ANY vibe or wobble problem other than my Jamboo.

My Sirius has the ever so small vibe but its not a big deal.


Watch André’s sleeper video. When you do a sleeper, is your palm facing up like his is, or do you put yours down right after you throw?


Ahh, got it!

No, I always keep my palm straight up. Developed that habit years ago.


Break that habit for this Hitman. I throw palm up as well, but I found it doesnt wobble as much when you throw palm down.


Ok, you’re going to have to spell this out for me. How, exactly, do you throw a yo-yo palm down?


The actual bearing can also have a slight affect on this as they break in, etc.

KonKave bearings really seem to smoothen this kind of issue out too.


Right when you throw, you snap your wrist out and your palm hangs up, right? Instead, when you snap, put your palm down. Just turn it over I guess.

Also, on your breakaways does it vibe or wobble also?