yyj go big

This a review about the yyj go big.

This is an amazing yoyo at 4A I was using a flying panda before and could hardly do anything with it.
Size: my panda fits inside the rubber rings. Good feel in the hands easy to catch
Play: I was blown away at how well it played. It can do bounce whips no problem.excellent sleep time for longer tricks.
Overall: this was an amazing yoyo and I would recommend this for advanced and beginner 4A yoyoers.

Please note that this is my first review and sorry about no pics

Next time try to to add more details on the packaging, things you would change, etc. If you need an example dr.yoyo does excellent reviews on yoyoskills.com. Highspeedyoyo is great too. With practice you will start to improve at writing reviews.

Im glad that you like your yoyo. ;D Maybe I will write a review soon.

Ps caps don’t come off with suction cups they are hard to remove

It’s an AMAZING 4a yoyo. I reminds me of like a newer, just overall improved aquarius.
I just finished watching Konde’s video like 3 times. The fiesta is a bit better as far as sleep time goes imho, but the go big is amazing for those uhh… I don’t know what they’re called. The whip catch things.

Perhaps you mean the regens, or just the catches?

not the catches. that was the wrong word. I don’t know 4a terms at all. lol
I guess the regens would be a more appropriate word. Conde does them a lot.

loose returns?

Just so we can all watch in awe here is his worlds routine.


ive never really tried an offstring before but i might try out the go big now that ive seen what it can do :o

they do come off … well one side did … when i missed the string and it ran into my dining table lol

but i would suggest not to try that … or miss the yoyo intentionally … :smiley:

Yeah I got one of them out