Wow, I didn’t expect these to pop up in the store so unexpectedly.

Looks pretty cool. I hope I can try one sometime.

Ya, they play pretty good.

They actually play a lot heavier then they are. The finish is some sort of chalkboardish thing. It grinds pretty well but is kind of rough on your hands in my opinion.

Ya, that’s a bead blast for ya. It grinds amazingly, but until its worn down a bit it can be rough on the skin (and strings btw, be sure to check for extra fraying around the bearing seat)

you guys make me feel like i was the first to hear about it. i saw a preorder of it and no one else talked about it.

they are awesome. another new yyj that just came to my local yoyo stare is the night moves 5. imo they are better than the eneme

No they aren’t. They’re different. And it’s not that new. Is this Todd?