YYJ Classic Package

Not a “site improvement” so much as a suggestion on the sales side.

I often want to recommend the YYJ Classic to people, but I usually have to disclaim that they will need to buy an extra bearing when they want to learn bind return, and optional response (flowable or pads) if they want to replace the O-ring.

I could see having a package deal as an option still within the main “Classic” page (it would be potentially confusing to have a separate page for a “package”). By bundling a generic bearing and some sort of pads, you would theoretically discount a bit on the extras (but not TOO much!) for the sake of moving more units overall.

The theory is that it would go something like this: “That GregP recommended a Classic, so I’m checking it out. He said something about bearings and pads… I didn’t fully understand, but heck, for $15, I might as well get the bundle that has the bearing and pads as well.”

Just thinkin’…

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I like that! A lot!

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It seems to me a classic, a pair or two of YYJ silicone pads, and a YYJ c sized bearing would be easy to put together for 15-20 dollars. I think it’s an excellent idea.


That sounds like a nice idea! I mean, why shouldn’t it come with a non-responsive bearing?

By default, probably so that they can sell a yoyo for under $10. :slight_smile: Also, bizarre as it may seem, some people just like to keep them stock as a responsive yoyo! Nutcases, I say. (actually, mine/my wife’s is stock)

I think some plain poly string in there would be good, too. I like this idea alot!

I find myself in the same predicament. But, here’s some of the logic behind this amazing wallet-friendly beast: For noobs, it keeps the cost low, so if they bail, they can unload it or chuck it. However, the yoyo itself, the weight is good and it’s weighted properly and it works great for 1A, 3A and 5A. But, we gotta limit costs for new players and under $10 gets them in.

SHOULD they really want to get into this, a bearing and pads is a reasonable purchase and still keeps the price low and converts the yoyo from a beginner yoyo to a major player. If a player isn’t progressing, why spend the extra money? Cut your losses and move on.

I spent for a Legacy II, Chaser, Starlight and other yoyos for one of my kid who lost interest. On my other kid, my boy, I’ve ensured he’s gotten good stuff: G-Funk, Fiesta XX, DM2, Metal Drifter, 2 Classics, 2 Unleashed, 2 Loop 808’s, Flipside and other good stuff PLUS he goes through my cases regularly. Heck, the little dude even showed Andre stuff he came up with with the Whip I bought for him at the YYE booth at CalStates since he didn’t want to bust out his Classics.

So, for me, for my purposes, I feel it’s silly to not include the Classic with extra bearing and pads since I’m gonna upgrade it. However, look at the intended market, not the market that’s buying a majority of them.

I’m gonna get me 5 more SOON!

I think it’s a great idea! A few of the other sites are already selling beginner yoyos with kits to make them unresponsive and it can only be a good thing.


The Beginner Kit should include:

YYJ Classic.
Full sized C bearing.
YYJ Silicone pads.
YYJ Thin Lube.
20 YYE Poly Strings.
A YYF Multitool.

I think that about covers everything one would need to start throwing responsibly.


Yesh, dis is good

Very good

I think there should be multiple packages.

What you’ve described above would be a good “new player ultimate beginner pack”. However, since it’s not single brand through inclusion of the YYF multi-tool, it wouldn’t be a clean bundle.

For me, I’d just want the Classic with a YYJ Speed bearing as I silicone mine and don’t need pads. However, if pads were included in the bundle, that would be fine and I’d just toss them in my parts box in case I should ever need them.

So, I’d like to see your idea as the beginner to advanced “new player starter bundle”. It’s got everything you need to do it right.

Then offer the “Classic with Upgrade Bundle 1”: Classic, YYJ Speed Bearing and pads. This will be a top mover among people I know because they don’t need to add in parts.

Then offer a “Classic Plus Bearing” bundle that is the Classic with the thin bearing and an included YYJ Speed bearing, packaged as how they do things with the other YYJ yoyos sold with a second bearing.

I’d also like to see a Classic 5A starter-pack, which is the Upgrade Bundle 1 with a Takeshi dice. No input on the Takeshi dice color though. I recently set up a red cap/yellow body with a white takeshi dice for 5A. Wow!! But, as an option, you can substitute the Duncan CW set rather than the Takeshi dice.

Lastly, I’d like to se a Classic 3A Kit, which includes two opposite colored Classics(for example, one is white cap, blue body while the other is blue cap and white body), 2 YYJ Speed Bearings, and 2 sets of response pads. Choice of colors of course.