Another idea, this time regarding the Classic

I noticed today an upgrade kit for the Classic:

Excellent. Thank you. Makes it easier when I make this recommendation. 1 item with both things, instead of 2 additional items.

I have a suggestion since the mechanism is in place, or rather two:
On the Classic page, add a link to get to the upgrade kit page so they can more easily select that.
Add as an item at the bottom of the Classic page’s drop down selection menu, a link to this kit so they can order right from the Classic page.

The easier we make it for people, the more likely they will be to order the yoyo with their upgrade path. This is mostly for newer players. They get overloaded quickly with “Oh, now I have to buy a bearing? And I have to buy these pads too?”. Once page, all they need right there.

I like it!