Yyj classic mods?

I just got a yyj classic and i thought it would be nice to mod it I’m putting in a sized c kk bearing and I’m going to silicone the pads to make it better is there anything else that i can do over all to make it better or ascetically cool

Lots of people are getting into these yyj clasic mods. Probably cause their cheep and easily modable. Ill have to get a couple

Because people want unresponsive throws. And this one plays good unresponsive.

Just pick up some Flowable or YYJ pads and a YYJ speed bearing.

People do it because no one really wants a responsive yoyo, and since they play good unresponsive people are modding them, or replacing parts.

Silly boy, putting a different bearing in and siliconing it aren’t mods, mods are like when you change the actual yoyo itself, like reshaping it or something like that.

Silly baby ;).

Eat it…



There was a thread not too long ago where a guy took sandpaper to the caps and was able to completely remove the design on the cap for a smooth surface.

You could do that.

Didn’t catch the “any way to make it look cooler”

You can sand the writing for a smooth cap. Leave it that way, or add a little hole like Lateral Caps which act like hubstacks.

how would a little hole make it anything like lateral caps ???

Check out Yoyospirits mod thread…

Thanks for re-stating what I said.

Thanks a lot guys i appreciate your ideas and will take all into consideration

You just said part of what the person above your post said, within 3 minutes


EDIT: and I just saw Salvador’s post, oh the irony /.\