YYJ Cap Sizes + Making Custom Caps

Hi guys,

I’m planning to start some small time yoyo business. I’m not very good at art though so aesthetic services are out. Any ideas what other small services I can render? One I have in mind is making custom caps for yyj yoyos. Anyone can tell me the diameter of the caps for the different yoyos? Better still, if anyone out there has experience in making custom caps, please share techniques here or PM me! I’ll need info on cap sizes, a good material to use, what I need to cut those nice circles in the material, and if possible, ways to place designs on those caps!

Thanks guys (:

Well, if you want the size of them, use the originals and trace it onto something. For putting sesigns in, the easiest way is to put it on paper and put it behind the cap. For cutting the circles, if you can use a scroll saw I think that would work well. You’ll want to use a hard plastic, but I don’t know where to get it.

I’d recomend using thinner polycarb. It’s fairly cheap, widely availible, and easy to shape and cut (you can do it with a pair of scissors).

I beleive that yyg makes a pog puncher for yyj

Found the link

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