Custom Caps Tutorial

Well, I just made an account. I really like this site. This is a little thing me and my friend made up. I didn’t see anything around here about custom caps so here’s a little tutorial.

First of all find the size of your cap. Also here’s a link to some various cap sizes:

Then make a image of your design. Remember, parts are going to be cut off, but it will still look good. Make the size a little bit bigger than the actual cap. One thing to note is that printers might make it a bit bigger or smaller. Don’t worry about it. You’re going to cut it with your cap as a template.
I’m using Photoshop, but anything except Paint will pretty much work. Try Paint.Net, it’s advanced and free!

After that, you need to print it. Using photo paper will make it look a little glossy(By the way, the X-ConVict uses some HP photo paper. Wink My friend, Alex, and I found that out). If not, just use printer paper. It’ll still look good.

Then you’re going to want to cut it now. Use an Exacto knife to cut it and use your cap as a template (you shouldn’t be doing this if you can’t think of a substitute for your precious cap). Be as precise as you can!

After that you’re going to want to cut a piece of thin plastic. Again, use your cap as a template. Mark your plastic with a little sharpie. Cut with scissors or an Exacto knife, whatever is comfortable.

You’re almost done. Now put in the photo first and then just pop the plastic in after it.

You’re done!

It’s going to take a few tries to get a good plastic cap and really thin plastic works. I thought it would be too thin but it wasn’t.

ALSO, I know there are quite a few grammer mistakes, I would be grateful if someone helped me fix all of them because I’m tired now :’(

ALSO ALSO, props for whoever figures out what kind of yoyo I have, HINT its in the picture

LAST ALSO AND MOST THANKFUL: Kim-Lan fixed all of my errors and many thanks.

YYE edition DM? I also thats pretty dang cool man!

Lol, you can see that its obviusly a YYE edition DarkMagic.

That’s a YYE DM.
Anyways, great first post, hang around here and you’ll be a forum “eXpert” one day…

Welcome to YoYoExpert! Great guide and I fixed the grammar mistakes for you. :wink:

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Thanks Kim-Lan. I know English but I was just too lazy to check over everything. I already had wrote quite a bit for my summer reading.

i got to try this nice post by the way

Nice post!
I’m about to make some right now :smiley:

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Spam, much?

Indeed. Spam = Fail.

Ha ha! Custom caps, that’s hilarious :smiley:

BTW did you ever make some of your own caps matt?

I can’t believe nobody has answered this yet. The yo-yo is a YoyoJam Dark Magic Yoyoexpert Edition.

They did…

Wow, I missed every post that said that! I made sure to scroll all the way down, I’m not sure how I missed them.


I’m pretty sure he saw them already.

Yep, I did :smiley:

Ha ok just pointing them out. Maybe somebody else accidently missed them. :stuck_out_tongue: