Another reason why...

I love YoYoExpert!



Additional pictures:


YoYoJam Black Knight

Just thought I’d show how much I love this place  :wink:

Let me guess. One YYE DM cap, and one YYE logo?


I got a picture of a YYE DM cap actually…

Cool! You should of kept the caps on, but if you had a YYE sticker, cut out the logo thats cap size, and stick it on the caps. Then get new BK caps. Haha. BK.

Guess who’s officially the awesome again? :slight_smile:



He has a Cookie you know…

You! Samad!

Pikachu. I CHOOSE YOU! puts hat backwards

Moved to Mod section…

Just wondering, did you use my custom caps tutorial? It does look pretty darn good with some photopaper and clear plastic you know ;D

I just used the regular caps.

I am going to use your Guide when my next Black Knight gets here.

By the way, where did you get your plastic?

From the video card holder packaging. It’s really thin stuff, a little thinner than a credit card.

Like a CD case?

Nope, way too thick, I’m trying to think of something else. I cut mine with a Exacto knife. Obviously thicker than a sandwich bag.

Lets start PMing.

Got it! Do you know about those really annoying plastic packages. The ones where they are really hard to tear open. NVM, I’ll just take a picture of it. It’s what my memory stick came in. I think cheap cd players or something like that would have packaging like that too.

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Oh thats awesome!


I’ll try it!

Thanks a ton!

Or, simply but the package openers for that material. Its like a mini saw that has 2 sharp ends and vibrates to tear the package open.

That’s what I used when I made custom caps once.

Your caps turned out nice btw. My BK’s caps are still coolerer. Word?