DM. Alternate sidecap.

Well here it is. ;D

Hehehe. Well I just used a scout patch. The scuba one in this example. I don’t usually play with it seeing as it messes up the balance. But it’s really easy to take out and put in. The look on my friends face when he saw it was priceless. I usually only use it to show it to my friends. Anyone else used some weird sidecaps.

If anyone can come up with alternates for the lyn fury’s sidecaps, I’d be really happy. I hate how the stock ones look.

That looks reall y cool cant wait @ get my dark magic happy throwing pyro

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I took I tunes gift cards and cut them to cap shape to fit in my clear journey.

then I put colored pipe-cleaners under the caps on both sides and made a shim to put inside out of the giftcard.

turned out really cool.

nice change from just a clear yo :wink:

I sprayed the insides of my DM caps check them out here.