yyj bigben

is there any mods u guys know of that would work to fix this up?

Silicone, satin, and reshape. Just that kind of stuff, you maybe can mess with the axle and maybe replace the bearing and stuff too. Look at this: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?topic=17792.0


Just maybe because it’s beat up? It might make a really nice finish for it.

What do you think it should do better, that a mod would fix?

If it’s just beat and needs a bit of cleanup, work it over w/some 300-600 wet dry paper (wet), or some fine steel wool, like 000 or 0000 grade.

i didnt buy it for 4a i baught it for 5a and 3a pretty much i wanted unresponsive

Get silicone pads or silicone it

Get a a center track or kk both are better than a stock bearing (in my opinion )

Siliconing it will do it some good. But center trac and kk bearing might be better in your opinion, but help you no more than a flat bearing. If any bearing, (just clean your stock one) I would say a 10 ball bearing. They are smoother and quieter but improve your sleep times, play, etc. Hope I helped!

Clean the bearing. Quickest/best way to unresponsiveness.

i cleaned the bearing its still responsive idk maybe i did it wrong?

Bearing cleaning tut:

yeah i did it like that