yyj bi metals

i want to buy a yyj bi metal (speeder, x-convict, mini motu) probably on the b/s/t i need to know how much to save up for speeder, x-convict, or mini motu that is in good condition

I would say that 25-30 dollars is a good estimate.


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i would save up for a new breed or a dark magic

It depends really. If by good you mean no scratches, dings, etc then $25-$30 is about right. If it has 1-2 dings or scratches here and there then $15-$20.

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I own a speeder and it’s awesome
I own an X-ConVict and it’s awesome
I don’t own a mini-motu, so I can’t say anything

probably 20 to 30. the speeder lets you do super fast tricks just like mickey but still need practice(doesn’t go fast by itself. x-con is the most stable yoyo i’ve ever seen. you can do really good stalls and you can also do really complicated tricks. Idunno bout mini motu but i heard it awesome!! :slight_smile:

get a new breed or x convict