YYJ 2003 Hitman

Today I got an old (but still great playing) YYJ '03 Hitman! I lone it so far. Do any of you have one? Do you like yours?

The Magnificent Seven

(a few have been added since then)

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I’ve got a transparent orange one. The only problem I have with it is that the hubs are now becoming a bit cracked and the rims are a bit tarnished. I really like mine but I prefer the x-con because I like the shape and size a bit more.

I would recommend you try playing an old x-con if you can get hold of one.

There are a couple in our house. Nice with silicone response.

you can always satin the rims with high grit sandpaper to bring back the shine they once had

Nevr-Dull works wonders. Most any light duty polish will work nicely.

bookmarked - that’s a legendary yo yo pic…and a beautiful thing.

i own/have owned several. imho - the o.g. hitman is one of the top 5 best playin’ yo yos ever produced. needless to say - i love mine :slight_smile:



can i have one?

I’ve got one. Just got it recently. I prefer my Speeder but the Hitman is growing on me. I’d love to see hybrid response make a comeback.

Sorry, guys! It’s a 2003 YYJ Hitman HYBRID, not just the Hitman…

Hybrid is where it’s at :wink:

yeah, man! I was worried that it was gonna be responsive because of how old it was, but the only really problem it has is a lot of vibe and noise. I shouldn’t have underestimated YoYoJam :stuck_out_tongue:

A pinprick of lube will quiet it down. Vibe is normal in any plastic yoyo. My Hitman is pretty smooth. If you ever want to get rid of yours, let me know.

Hybrid, IMO, is far under-rated. A yoyo can be perfectly unresponsive, yet still retain a certain grippiness you just can’t get when everything is recessed. Original Speeder FTW.

High fives all around on this thread! Is there another yo-yo with a more comfortable shape than the original Hitman? The answer is no. Maybe the Lyn Fury :wink: Love the rounded-off rims.

Mine is purple, cracked up (not around the hub fortunately), and tarnished. Plays pretty smooth with lots of rim weight. I have flowable silicone in it, and at the moment I have two beefcaked narrow bearings in with no shims. Noisy at times, wide gap (too wide for some perhaps). A solid player.

Still bummed that the HM Pro got shrunk and reshaped as undersized was falling out of style… however if you like it, I am happy for you.

I agree with frodoslair. For stock response I like hybrid more than dual o-rings. Haven’t tried the hybrid Hitman though. I do like flat or recessed silicone. Whatever the setup, you can still mess with the gap width to get close to what you like.

I’ll start off by saying I’m not a fan of hybrid response, but one HM in my collection is a hybrid and I do like the way that one plays. It’s the only hybrid I’ve thrown that I like.