Updating daily for the next 34 days!


drools OMG!!! we have 34 days to go! The case is on!

Happy Throwing! =]




wait i thought tyler severence(spelling?) didnt want to be sponsored?

Well if one doesn’t want to be sponsored, YYF is probably one of the best companies to get sponsored by.

Addment: YoYoJam could be pretty good as well though.

Woah I just realized the world yo-yo contest ends the day before my birthday :open_mouth:

nice site.


That was a long time ago. Apparently, now he does.

Love the site. It’s got me pumped for worlds. Thats crazy that Shinji is now on YYF. Who’s next; Mickey, Lim Aik Hwee, Takeshi Matsura???

Haha, seriously, this is awesome. Being a YYF fanboy, this site is such a treat!!!