YYF, YYJ, or Duncan?

Which yoyo company do you truly like better?

  1. the company who invented the world’s first quarter sized yoyo, and invented hubstacks, “Yoyofactory”.

  2. the company who has the largest variety of yoyos and has the world’s most impressive and best yoyo player, “Yoyojam”

  3. the company who invented the world’s first yoyo and still continues to sell versions of the world’s first counter-weight yoyo, “Duncan”.

    Please no negative comments, this is just for fun to really find out the most popular yoyo company. Also, think before you vote, there is no turning back. :slight_smile:

Erm… I hate to break it to you. But the first company to make a Quarter Sized Yo-Yo wouldn’t have been YYF. Duncan and Yomega have made several that if not exactly Quarter Sized, are damn near. But as they’re keychains they aren’t great performers. Though I used to have a Stealth Raider Keychain that performed pretty well. BC and Tom Kuhn both had Yo-Yos that were a bit larger then a Quarter as well.

But I’ll give you… first company to make an advanced performance yo-yo of that size. :slight_smile:

Who is the world’s “most impressive and best yo-yo player”?

Mighty Flea V1 was a keychain if i’m not mistaken.

It is almost impossible to pick one. But I have to go with Duncan, just because when you play even a cheap duncan, it just makes you feel good. Sure they other companies have their fancy yoyos with bells and whistles, but imho its just fun to mess around with a butterfly or a mosquito. It brings people together, and its a name that the general public can recognize.

Actually tyler severance is on YoYoFactory :wink:

I have to agree with Troy. I personally believe that the yoyo company that deserves the most fanboys or followers or whatever should be duncan. I mean, not many people started on a YYJ of YYF, but almost everyone had a Duncan at one point.

psh patrick
it is crucial, man
jk :stuck_out_tongue:

Andre Boulay. Andre competed in yoyo competitions, but he can’t play anymore. Hes simply, naturally “too good” to compete. Andre will perform any tricks that you can ask him to. He is the designer of his signature yoyo, the “Dark Magic”. Visit this link for more info.  :




A lot of people have competed. And a lot of people can do whichever tricks. Andre is not, IMO, the best yoyo player. Now if my username is randomly deleted in the next couple of days, you’ll know why.
Let’s not turn this into a “Which player is best” topic please.
Let’s get back on topic

LMAO :smiley:

Though I think the best yoyos are on YYF, I always will love Duncan.

Well it could happen.

“Quinton doesnt think I’m the best yoyoist in the world?!?!?!? Andre mad! ANDRE DELETE!!!”

if i had to put out my vote for who puts out the best yoyo than i would pick general-yo, SPYY, hspin
onedrop. IMHO

Keep voting guys!! :slight_smile:

YYF for the best plastic. EVAR. Yes they have impressive players on their team. But I don’t quite like the corporate sell-out style of it, and releasing so many yoyo’s all the time.

YYJ for the DM, i just deserves some special credit. Heh. They too, have impressive players on their team. (who doesn’t like Mickey? I like that Takeshi Matsuura boy ;D) And for making super awesome bi-metals. And… Andre Boulay… If it wasn’t for him we’re not even here now. Hah. No DM, or YYE.

Duncan, they’re what made me start throwing last christmas. Yes I have ABSOLUTELY NO regrets. Well, yes more credits to FHZ ;D the only plastic yoyo to win a modern WYYC(I think. Someone correct me if I’m wrong) And for creating 5A. ;D

Well, all in all, I choose YYJ. ;D Andre Boulay helped me out with a lot of yoyo tricks. ;D Thanks Andre ;D

I’m sorry guy’s but I’m shutting this down because there are countless threads with just about the same exact title.