Greatest Yoyo Company Ever?

What do you think is the greatest yoyo company ever? In my opinion it is the Tom Kuhn Yoyo Company(Did I get the name right?). Tom Kuhn invented so many things to change yoyos, like the take-apart yoyo and working ball-bearing yoyo. He started a revolution, really.

A lot of companies have done a tremendous amount for the community. If you wanna go by who’s done the most for yoyoing, I’d say yyf or duncan would be the greatest companies. Or perhaps dif e yo, because iirc, they introduced the world to unresponsive play.
For performance, I’d say clyw, spyy, or yyr for the best.



I think if we’re talking EVER. I’m going Duncan

In the big scheme of things… Duncan…

as far as small companies, General Yo

but all these answers are going to be based on what people have been subjected to and their preferences

Duncan and Tom Kuhn have done a lot!

Based on smallest yoyo company definitely for me General-Yo

Pedro Flores’ company is easily the best.

My favorite is One Drop, but I’m sure a few of you already knew that.

Honestly, all the small companies making yoyos are pretty darn great. The big ones have their good sides, too, but the way they communicate with the players is different. I’m sure the internal goings on of just about every yoyo company would pass as “fantastic”.


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Clyw and spyy

Personally my favorite boutique yoyo company is General-Yo.

Duncan probably has done the most for bringing yoyo’s to the public.