Best yoyo from company

This is where you write what you think is the best yoyo of each company.

YoyoFactory: Shutter
Duncan: Strix
CLYW: Chief
Yomega: Glide
Adegle: PSG
C3 Yoyo Design: Dymension
One Drop: T1

Add companies as you please. Remember, this is only your opinion; I am not asking which is better for my own needs.

YoyoFactory: Super G
Duncan: Barracuda
CLYW: Cliff
Yomega: Glide
C3: Berserker RX
One Drop: Benchmarks (any of them)
YoyoRec: Draupnir
YoyoJam: Revival
Eternal Throw: Elysian
G2: Albatross
Square Wheels: Royale with Cheese
TenYoyo: Drop Bear
YoyoOfficer: Lava
Werrd: Sentinel

YYF: Proton, Cypher for non collab

If only we have played all (or even most) yoyos from each company. :wink: But I’ll play:

YYF: 2014 Genesis
Duncan: Triumph
CLYW: Puffin 1
Yomega: Raider
C3: Krown
One Drop: Valor
YoyoRec: Draupnir
YoyoJam: Phenom
Eternal Throw: Elysian
G2: Aftershock
Square Wheels: Royale with Cheese
Yoyofficer: Orbis
Werrd: Irony JP
Spin Dynamics: Flow
Deadly Spins: Wrath
SPYY: El Ranchero
2sickyoyos: Queen

This is very subjective.


That’s why he said what you think is the best.

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Yoyofficer - Nifty
Yoyofactory - Cypher
Duncan - Triumph
One Drop - Valor
C3 - Krown
Yoyorecreation - Draupnir
Turnign Point - Palpitation
Werrd - Irony JPX
Clyw - Puffin 2
Barely Legal - Threesome
Yoyojam - Diamondback
G Squared - Quake
X3 - Zeus
Yomega - Prodigy

YYF: Space Cowboy
Sturm Panzer: Leo Sniper MK2 (light blue)
YoyoMonster: Agonist
YoyoRecreation: Draupnir
Tom Kuhn: No Jive
RecRev: Freq Wave
C3: Krown
OD: Valor
TenYoyo: Bebop
Duncan: Barracuda
CLYW: Puffin 2
Anti-Yo: YWET
2Sick: Queen
Squarewheels: Royale with Cheese
G2: Aftershock
General Yo: Prestige
sOMEThING: Original Anglam
Yoyofficer: Orbis
Turning Point: Isotope 2
Werrd: 2013 Irony JP
VsNYYC: TiWalker
Yomega: Raider

YYF: 2013 Citrus Genesis
YYJ: DiamondBack
General-Yo: First Run Pre-Production Majesty
Square Wheels: Nomad
Werrd: Irony JP
CLYW: Puffin 1
G2: Quake
Anti-Yo: YWET
Vs. Newton: SkyWalker
Turning Point: Positron
Yomega: ProDigy
SPYY: Revenger

oh. my. god. How is it that i have only just now noticed that reference to pulp fiction??


Space Cowboy from YYF for sure.

Now that I have one, I’d have to agree. I wasn’t planning on buying one ever, but I’m really glad it came in the collector’s box, now that I’ve thrown it.

  1. YoyoFactory - Genesis (Doomsday), Ricochet - tied
  2. YYJ - Dark Magic II
  3. General Yo - Model 10
  4. CLYW - Chief
  5. Duncan - Exit 8
  6. SPYY - Pro
  7. Yoyofficer - Nifty
  8. C3 - Krown
  9. RecRev - Octave 3
  10. Something - Anglam Ver. CC
  11. One Drop - Code 2
  12. Yomega - Prodigy

I have way too much free time to go through my old pictures to pick 1 of every brand. Can’t believe there are only 15 different brands here.

CLYW - Puffin 2
YYF - Space Cowboy
G2 - Quake
Sturm Panzer - Schneider MK-II
TP - Palpitation
General Yo - Prestige
sOMEThING - Anglam
VsNYYC - Moonwalker
Anti Yo - DRI YWET
Duncan - Strix
SPYY - Punchline
OD - Gradient
C3 - Krown
MFD - Evil Yo
DS - Wrath

G2 - Aftershock
One Drop- Valor
Swyyc - Royal
2sick- bishop
MFD- Co-Lab
YYC- Artifact
Yyj - hex
YYR- draupnir

you got to try the bishop? XP how was it man?

my list(Now updated once i had more time to think)

-General yo-M10
-Deadly Spins-Wrath
-Eternal Throw-Victory
-SPYY-Punchline repeater
-X3-La Goutte

If you really want to know my opinion about best Yo Yo from company, then i always prefer Bay Blade Yo Yo. It is such a very adventures and amazing Yo Yo, i had ever seen in my whole life. Mu all friends like this brand of Yo Yo also. You have to use this once.

CLYW: Puffin2
YYF: Cypher
YYR: Dazzler
One Drop: MMC
YYJ: Diamondback
Something: Slasher
RecRev: Octave
Duncan: Bassacuda
C3: Berserker SS
TP: Leviathan 4
Anti-yo: Countash(sp?)
General yo: Prestige
Gsquared: Albatros
x3: theseed