Yyf Whip material

What type of plastic is used to make the yyf whip? And what main process would be used to machine/ make this type of yoyo?

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i believe its pom, dont know what type tho. yyf claims it as the most durable plastic they have.

Almost certainly not Delrin/Pom as that would be prohibitively expensive. I am sure it is regular plastic.

POM isn’t that expensive per-unit when it’s injection molded, as both the Whip and the Loop 360 are.

See the body material listed here:

[From a competing store: Body Material POM (Celcon / Duracon / Delrin etc.)]

If you play with either of these you’ll notice how slick they are compared to most polycarbonate yoyos!


whip is also one of my favorite throws.


Ah my bad, I didn’t realize there was a distinction between molded versus machined! I am surprised they are not polycarbonate though.


I remember yohans mentioning it about the Loop 360 during his forum chat, so I went looking around the net to find out. I actually hadn’t thought about the material despite putting a lot of time into the whip! YoyoJam also used injection molded POM/Celcon for a lot of their yoyos, including the YYJ Classic.

Seems that putting literally anything into a lathe drives the price up a lot.


Thanks for the quick help!