YYF Vs. Duncan (again)

I was browsing the YYF site, reading some Nats. updates and I noticed that in place of the term “5A” they had to put “Other Division”. WTF!!! Duncan needs to lay off their BS with YYF and get over the fact that YYF should have the right to market 5A in any way that they want because they have the three best players in the division on their team AND not to mention that STEVE Frickin BROWN is on the team and he invented the style! :stuck_out_tongue: In fact, I don’t even know of a single major 5A player that is currently affiliated with Duncan >:(. YoYoFactory FTW!!! ;D

I am sorry you feel that way.

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Steve Brown sold 5a to Duncan. As such Duncan has every right to do anything they want with 5a. YYF went a too far with 5a; they were selling counterweights and using 5a as a marketing ploy. Duncan recoiled in an effective manner. It is over and done. Move on.

How about Nate Sutter? He just so happens to be pretty great with 5a and he is sponsored by Duncan.

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Turning Point: Takuma Inoue
YoyoJam: Takeshi Matsuura

Nate Sutter
Rafael Matsunaga
Maya Nakamura
Jack Ringca

off the top of my head

Mrcnja, lets add to that list shall we?
Jack Ringca
Rafael Matsunaga, aka Red (whom pretty much plays 3A with two 5A throws)
Michelle Abarides Baylon
Andrew Lin Yikai

…and that’s only a few more. Like Mrcnja said…MOVE ON!!!

Hm, out of that list I see one, two three, four, five.

Five of my favorite 5A players, and some of the most innovative players over the years.

Duncan had every right to what they did, and I haven’t heard YYF complain about it, which tells me that they know that Duncan had every right. The only people who complain about it are the YYF fanboys who think YYF should be allowed to bend the rules.

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If only the world were so simple…

with people that doesnt start fights on silly things

Please stop remaking this thread. The others are locked for a reason.

Duncan did nothing.


I agree. I will delete all the other threads that are about this topic. It’s getting ridiculous.