5a question

So I know that Steve Brown pioneered the 5a division. And he’s yoyofactory. but then why does the duncan company make so much freehand yoyos. i mean, they didnt even make up freehand play. im just curious.

Steve Brown was on Duncan when he invented freehand play, so Duncan owns freehand’s patent and stuff.

steve brown was on duncan when he invented freehand. duncan holds the patent for the 5a style of play. so them and yoyojam are the only company “legally” aloud to make 5a yoyos. Because duncan licensed the patent to yoyojam.

Robbie, it’s “allowed”.

But, other than that, he’s right. But, Duncan isn’t looking to exclude companies. I have been given the firm impression that they will license the counterweight concept to any company that asks and is willing to pay the licensing fee.

From an end user perspective, play without worry. Put a CW on anything you want. Make your own, use anything you find or buy, there’s nothing to be concerned about.

When Steve invented 5A he sold the right to Duncan. Then he went to YYF so no other company is aloud to “legally” sell yoyos with a counter weight or let that company use it for 5A in a promo. Video. By the way I love 5A :)!