YYF unreleased yoyo "Regen" (Thoughts from an old school thrower)

OK…maybe I’m not that old school :stuck_out_tongue: unless you’d consider one who used to throw and compete from 1998-2002, if you do GREAT, if not…well I guess I’ve got some time to build up.

A little nervous on this since I was reading some great in depth reviews on this already…tough to follow up from you guys. :slight_smile:

Anyways onto my thoughts on this throw. Being among the last few throws I bought before getting back into throwing again, the last few throws I bought were throws like The Duncan Original Freehand, YYF Fast 201, YYJ Aquareous, and Metal Freehand…yup, that bout covered my yoyo purchases from 2003-2013, so for the most part…responsive throws. With the recent months (September 2014 when I started again), made some purchases on some unresponsives. So now I can understand this throw a little better.

SO I’ve been reading that this yoyo is a plastic version of the YYF Super G, which also happens to be a Gentry Stein Signature. The Regen features a H shape design with a pretty wide profile shape unlike some H shaped throws I own.

Be it made from plastic, this yoyo was quite interesting to throw. Interesting as in GOOD…or more like “GREAT”. Even though the composition is plastic, it “feels” like the weight of the yoyo is quite heavy, but extremely light on landing string tricks. Making this an incredible throw for those speedy players, which I so enjoy doing. Nice wide profile for those tech tricks along with a nice soft return from a bind. It also feels really nice playing some side style tricks as well. The center trac bearing runs really smooth like butter. Making this the smoothest throw I currently own actually.

Although I didn’t take the time to see what’s behind the side caps (didn’t want to damage it in anyway honestly)…I can’t really picture this on thumb grinds. But with the surface of the yoyo not entirely smooth like butter, the texture of it actually offers the ability to do finger grinds, arm grinds, even palm grinds without much problems at all!

All in all, this yoyo is awesome! Although the only comparison I have to this among recent throws I own which is a Protostar (Which is a good throw…but not to my liking). The Regen is in a totally different ball park. It’s quite versatile in all aspect of string trick play. Designed to be rim weighted for long spins, possibly some hub weighted (if anyone takes a chance and remove the side caps) for stability and quick play, making it quite easy to bounce between strings during tech tricks without any issues.

I’ll be giving this throw an 8.5/10
Why an 8.5? Well i guess my concern would be the “possible” sticker price for this, although I know it’s not released…word going around for it being $50 (realistically I can see it as $40) is pretty steep imo for a plastic throw…I mean isn’t a Horizon, Shutter, and a few other throws around that price range as well?

Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

Nice review and I’m in agreement with you. I was surprised at how quickly and nimbly bounced between strings. The only thing I would add is that spin times were lower than expected which was the main drawback in my opinion. It’s super comfortable in the hand and plays way different that it looks. I’m guessing the price point to be similar to the Northstar/Protostar.

Good review.

Mine spins long.