What's this Yo-Yo? - 2014 Mystery Box

I got this black plastic throw in the Mystery Box today… Says “Gentry Stein” on one side, “YoYoFactory” on the other. It’s just about as big as the YYF Shutter, so I’m guessing it’s a black plastic Super G? How much is it really worth, not much? I was hoping for something exciting like the 888 Hubstack Edition I’ve been seeing in most unboxing videos, but seems like the ShaqlerStar is the best thing I got. Not too excited about the Kendama either.

EDIT: So I’ve been told this is a prototype of a throw called the Regen. Seems very interesting. Love it better than the Shutter already, as it seems to handle regens (hence the name) and grinds very well. Also comes with a center trac bearing. Pretty cool.

It doesn’t have a name yet, but its most likely gonna be called the regen, it was released only in the 50 dollar boxs.

So I’ve heard. I played around with this a bit, handles regens (probably why they named it that) and grinds extremely well. I love it better than the Shutter already <3

It’s a REmake of one of GENtry Stein’s signature models - that’s why it might be called the ReGen.

I think a fan named it, they were asking for names on ask.fm

I actually think the name came from the fact that they are regenerating the Super G as a delrin yoyo.

Or, ReGen(try Stein)