YYF Turntable 2.0 easily stripped threads?


Hey folks. I purchased a YYF Turntable 2.0 last week and got it in the mail today. I unscrewed the halves and put in a new bearing that I wanted to use. When I went to screw it back on there was very little resistance and it just kept spinning. I took the halves apart and lo and behold the one halve was stripped. I have submitted an email on the matter to YoyoExpert already but my question is has anyone else experience this with the Turntable 2.0? I did throw it before I put the the new bearing in and plays amazeballs so this stripped hole makes me super sad. I was just wondering if it was a common theme among owners of this yoyo. :frowning: I really liked this yoyo too man.


I’ve had mine since July, no issues here


Ugh sorry to hear that man. I know a Reddit user that can helicoil fix stripped threads for $30, if you want to.


that’s pretty cool. Can you PM his info? I might have to take him up on that offer if i can’t get this one exchanged or something.


That’s good to hear! How do you like yours? From the short few minutes I got to play with mine I like it a lot. It’s real light on the string. Not too weighty but also has good stability. It’s a pretty fun one.


I love mine! I got it from the YYE booth at nationals. I tried quite a few yoyos but when I threw the turntable 2 I knew that was the one I had to buy.


It’s public info, the user you want is weebus also technically here as @weebus. He’s the HELICOIL MASTER! :hugs:

(Ken) #8

I feel like shorter screws are easier to break or strip threads in. I don’t have a turntable 2.0 but I suspect you like screwing yoyos really tight?


you called it. It does have a short screw. I actually don’t like screwing my yoyos tight for this very reason. i tighten them just enough to keep them from spinning apart and have done it like that for over 10 years. i have owned over 50 yoyo’s and currently have 32. this is the first time i have ever had a problem with threads stripping :frowning: feels bad man :sob:

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I’m sorry. I hope you can get it fixed / resolved. It’s heartbreaking to hear this.


You just got it and it stripped, I’m sure YYF or YYE could do something to help you out. Seems like a QC problem.


Sorry I didnt see this earlier, Both YoYoexpert or us at YoYoFactory can help if anyone ever has a problem. Even years old yoyos we help owners get running again!

First thing, just check out how much damage has occured to the yoyo. remove the axle from the yoyo and try screw it into the stripped side. you should get + 2 full rotations of engagement even on a shorter axle like the TurnTable. If you get no engagement, thats stripped. Check the other side too.

For reference of anyone else reading this, stripping can occur in a few ways. The axle and the half not aligned when you screw the yoyo together, the threads may have been damaged on impact (especially if the yoyo was screded together tighter than usual) or they may not have been cut correctly in the first place.

I can help you directly, benmcphee@yoyofactory.com or our main address is contact@yoyofactory.com. YoYoExpert have a great team who would also assist.

Mine has been going strong since May!



Did someone take care of this for you via email already? I didn’t see this topic when you posted. @MegaNickels


slacking again Garrett? Slow time of year :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, we’ll just start forwarding emails to you now. :wink:

(André Boulay) #16

We double checked email and can’t seem to find it… would you mind forwarding to me? :blush:

We will help of course. :+1:


Thanks Ben! You actually helped me out a soooooper long time ago over on the nation boards with my Augie Fash G5+ I had bent an axle and PM’d you about trying to get a new one and you just straight up sent me one haha. I’ll never forget that. I still have the G5+ and the bent axel too lol. Thanks again! :smiley:

ANY WHO. I looked at the stripped half and the it looks like the screw hole is almost smooth. It won’t hold together at all. :frowning: I threw it before I tried putting that bearing on and it was super nice! I really dig it!


Hi Andre! Thanks for the help! I sent that email using the form on the contact page. Maybe I did something wrong? I just sent a new email to you and Ben together :+1: