Yyf superstar help?

Well i just ordered a superstar specifically the NEW team edition and i just want to know a couple of things about it like what are the improvements of the yoyo being a new edition, what are the pros and cons and a slight comparison with the old superstar.
If anyone could provide all that it would be greatly appreciated

Well, the New version is much wider, and has a lower wall. These two characteristics make it better for horizontal play, which is what you see in competitions a lot. They also removed the Hubstacks and the Hubstack Posts, which eliminates the unnecessary center weight, and leaves the cup open, allowing for Finger Spins and other horizontal grinds. Basically, the New Superstar is a competition beast.

I actually have 2 of the new Team editions. I think they are a great advancement in the Superstar. I have 2 other superstars (2012 and blank label) which they play good but I’m glad they got rid of the hubstacks. The HOT, Superstar, New Genesis, and the new Shutter are all close to the same width and for good reason, It makes them awesome for horizontal play and the catch zone makes it so easy to hit any string trick.