YYF Starbrite a new Offstring?


I have read that the new YYJ starbrite is a new Offstring from yoyofactory. It looks like a different colored starlite to me, and the gap looks too big for offstring. I would like to try it if it’s an offstring, any one know about this?

(Jei Cheetah) #2

It is NOT an offstring throw. I have played one myself. Its a 1A throw all the way.


Yea there are other websites selling it saying it’s an offstring. I assumed it was wrong thanks


Lesson here: consider the source of all information you see online :slight_smile:


Dang! I’m looking for another 4a throw. Does YYF even offer any?


Yyf had a yoyo called the offstring, which was a yoyo with rims you could put on it. The rims were also compatible with the pocket change.

Some good 4a yoyos though (imho):
fiesta xx
go big

I really really want to try out a kamui, but I can’t find one.


I like ReXtreme and Go Big!


I have a fiesta xx and I love it bit it tends to snag on trapezes because of the small gap and the sleep time is a tad low. I’m looking at the solar right now. I definitely don’t want any rubber rims

(Zach Smith) #9

The gap is adjustable, so thats not even a thing.


Gap is adjustable on which one? If the gap on the Fiesta is adjustable then please tell me how. Thanks

(DOGS) #11

The gap on the Fiesta XX is not adjustable, since it uses the solid spin axle. The original Fiesta was adjustable, I think.

Steer WAY clear of the YYF Offstring. The thing is junk, no joke.

(Zach Smith) #12

Oh, didn’t know about the XX. I have an OG Fiesta. Thats the adjustable one.


Duncan Hayabusa. Plays awesome.


first it’s not yyj its yyf and it is a prorostar type yoyo not an offstring :slight_smile: