YYF Skyline?

Hey Guys!
I think im getting a YYF Skyline Soon, But Im not 100% sure.
I have never thrown a Skyline.
But, I think it would be a Great Yoyo because the Stats look like it would fit me. And, The NeSplash Colors look Amazing!
But, I am looking for a Really Long Sleeping, and Stable Yoyo.
All you guys that have a Skyline, or have Thrown One, Please Tell me what its like.
If you know the Sleeptime, that would be Incredibly Helpfull.
Tell me how Stable it is, How Smooth it is, and Does it sleep Really Long?
This Information would help me a lot.
Thanks! :wink:

Its like an extremely stable 888. It wont tilt very easily. Its as smooth as any 888 ive ever thrown and it sleeps very long depending on the user.

It is similar to yuuksta and is very stable

Like butter on a string,… But it works better.

Sleeps as long as any good yo-yo
Extemly stable.

Hope dat helped. ;D

one of the smoothest ive ever throw.

A decent/good throw can get it to sleep anywhere from 5-10+ minutes

Definitely invest in one you wont be dissapointed. :wink:

Super smooth and great! :wink: With the hubstacks just spinning it with your hand my friend got 12 minutes that we timed with my I touch!!! :slight_smile:

It sounds like a great choice for you and something I think you would really like.