YYF Showdown


Guys Ultimate showdown what is the best yyf expert yoyo

(UmeNagisa) #2

None of those.
The HOT is where its at


Need more options! Super g is cool.


08 888 is beastly

And 2.0


Where are the Superstars.

(UmeNagisa) #6

not to mention normal Genesis and Supernovas


I’m quit surprised you put the dna and the 888x on there, I don’t see those names come up very often.
Anyways, put up more options such as the supernova, catalyst, yuuksta, superstar, normal genesis, equilateral, proton, roll model, super g, original avante garde, the mvps, and others. I just realized YYF has a ton of different high end yoyos. :smiley:


The skyline and 888 are nothing special.

But the DNA is very nice.


none of the above?


I love my supernova.


Don’t like any of those.

Super G is where its at


I like your thinking


CZM84VK ??? ???


Haven’t tried one but that looks killer too!


I personally don’t like an of the current options presented.


You almost got all the best YYF models in your poll. Just forgot about the DV888 and PopStar.


that’s like yyf answer against the c3 berserker.


was severe mentioned. A nice playing delrin severe is a great throw, but i have heard it can be loud, viby, and wobble bad