The catalyst or genises both are amazing

You didn’t list the 888. 07 888s were the best :smiley:

I like the Supernova.

I’ve tried most of those and the Avant Garde is my favorite. It strikes a good balance between floaty and solid, just enough of each.


I agree. ;D

The Genesis. Hands down. I don’t think they will ever surpass it, it’s that good.

09 severe was the best and the supernova is a close second.


You know, I’ve only ever thrown a YYF 888, grindmachine, and their proto with the dial response (back in 05). The 888 was the best of theirs I’ve ever used, at least, it was the one that felt right in my hands. Hopefully I’ll get to try some of their other throws someday.

I’ve owed a Superstar, MVP, 888x, Protostar, etc. But nothing compares to the Mutant DNA. It’s my absolute favorite YYF.

09 Severe.

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