YYF Severe Review

First impression: As soon as I opened the box and threw it for the first time I realized that this yoyo was smooth. Very little noise and a great feel.

Later: Over time I have realized the YYF severe is a very stable yoyo with a great shape for landing tricks. It is a great size to fit anywhere you need to go and is EXTREMELY durable. I banged it on the floor a few times (accidentally) and no dents or marks. The plastic is very durable insuring long time use.

Pros: Stable, Durable, great size, shape, and spin time.

Cons: Sometimes dies out in middle of tricks.

Overall: Great throw for an amazing price of $45.

General info.


56.17 mm / 2.21 inches


44 mm / 1.73 inches

Response System:

CBC Slim Pad Size 19mm OD


65.6 grams

Bearing Size:

Center Trac Bearing by CBC

how are spintimes with tricks like skin the gerbil

I learned skin the gerbil on it…

got mine this afternoon stable with fantastic spintimes, dead smooth

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a little vibe and my center trac died, getting a free replacement. But, it has some vibe hard to test on plastic, but it still is pretty smooth with the Spec in it. Overall a great throw, have a spare bearing on hand