YYF ONE Review


Nice thorough review. I agree that it won’t spin long enough for any advanced tricks, so glad you mentioned that. I’m diggin’ the caps too. I like the One cause it fits good in my pocket, and you can do just enough with it that it’s still fun to play with. Also, you can’t beat the price…awesome yoyo to start on and begin string tricks, and also very easy to carry around in your pocket.

Pretty okay review.

I agree it should be for beginner to intermediate but you can do any trick with it just got to have the skill.

In future reviews you might make a bit on how the yoyo plays/handles.

True. I guess my mind compensated for knowing how it plays, cause I have one and played with it already. But, I agree that’s a good idea for those who are reading to decide if they should buy one. I’m the type who will read a review of what I’ve got just to see what someone else’s opinion is. But, I’ve been looking for a good review that compares the old version of the One to the redesigned version. If anyone finds a good comparison review…please let me know.

The ONE can definitely be used for advanced play, and I can pull of a kwijibo pretty easy with it