Ayyyy whats going on guys.Nickname is just demskills and today this Romanian hardcore yoyo player has a question for you.Yesterday i noticed that my 1 year old YYF ONE wasnt tightening when i rotated halfs.I took the axle and nut apart and i saw that there was some grey thingy petrified at the outer end of the nut.I tried to clean it but it didnt came off the nut.The yoyo screws but not till the end(the point where you cant twist anymore).Any opinions plsssssssss i need you guys.Thx xD

It sound like you stripped the axle. I don’t think there is really any way to fix that.

Either the nut or axle stripped. Easiest woudl be to replace whichever end is stripped which you can do at your hardware store.

Don’t worry about the “grey thingy” on one side of the nut, it’s supposed to be there, it’s a lock nut and that grey piece prevents the bolt from coming loose too easily. If it’s not screwing together properly then the threads may be worn down or stripped on the bolt or the nut.

Like sparhawk said, best bet is to just replace it. The nut/bolt is a common size you can find at most hardware stores, just bring it to the store and find the correct size for a replacement.