YYF Mutant DNA or CLYW Wooly Marmot

the title says it all

You need to give us your preferences. Right now, you are asking what WE like. We need to know what you like, then we can make an awesome recommendation for you.

I personally love both, but they are opposite ends of the spectrum. On one side, you got a big heavy-hitter, the Mutant DNA. On the other side, you’ve a small featherweight, the Marmot. I don’t think that these two throws are comparable without knowing what you like. :slight_smile:

I can say the Mutant DNA will get the job done, it spins great through tough tricks and is all around good. Never played a Marmot but it seems a bit different. Don’t let the hubstacks that the DNA has influence your decision, since there really isn’t much you can do with them and you will get bored of them after ten minutes.

I like clyw a lot more, but I’ll have to go with the mutant dna