yyf metals vs bvm

in your preference are dv888,888,skyline,cut trainwreck,or bvm better???prices matter also.i cant decide for my first metal… addment:-what bearing does bvm use???

Ooh lots of different yoyos here. I personally want a CUT. But that’s just because I want one. I think that the Trainwreck is designed for 5a, but it will work out for 1a as well though. And the Bvm Utilizes a C-sized(AKA large) bearing.


Seems like it’s catching on.

EDIT: I just read your other post where your preferences was. From the looks of it, it seems like you want an undersized yoyo which is either H-shaped or flat-rimmed. And in your price range, the Dv888 just seem to fit. And if you can afford it, the Skyline is also an option.

I have the skyline, 888, and BvM. And in order from greatest to least is 1. BvM 2. Skyline 3. 888

I really don’t like the 888.

no i mean what bearing do they use?like konkave,spec etc.

is the BVM worth it?how is it compare to a skyline?

I think its uncool that people steal your catchphrase Pheenix :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I would go with a YYF. Hands-down.
Now, my answer is biased, as I have not tried any new BvM’s. However, all of the old editions vibed. Stock. They look extremely pretty, and are great players nonetheless, but of you don’t mind tuning your BvM, then they vibe.

Now, in my experience, pretty much EVERY YYF metal I’ve tried has been dead smooth, unless beaten down very much. They are just solid products. And as I have stated, I would go with them any day.

But, I have heard of the new BvM’s being dead smooth. So then it falls back into the preference thing. So you should have to decide by your preference.

And I know the BvM’s shape looks weird, but it is actually a very nice shape :wink:
And finally, unless you are a die-hard 5a player, the Trainwreck probably won’t satisfy you as much as it was made mostly for 5a :slight_smile:

Most YYF’s come with a SPEC bearing, which is like a bearing upgrade. SPEC’s are great bearings, and are extremely smooth. Also, no maintenance is required.

I’m pretty sure BvM bearings are cleaned and stainless steel. Not sure though. However they are sized C.

And I would say the BvM is worth it. However, it does come back to preference :wink:

I hope you can make your choice! :slight_smile:

now this is frustrating.i need to order faster while bvms or dv888 or skylines are in stock…tyhis is hard.

if you want a really good cheap metal yoyo get the m1 they just restocked the flow grove colors
i have m1 and i like it as much as my superstar

But he doesn’t want an M1

i think dv888 are way better than m1s

i would go with the BvM, i have 2 and they are my main players, they both vibe a bit but for me they are the perfect shape and weight.

i also have a DV888 which is nice as well, mine is dead smooth with no vibe and has a nice shape but i would still go with the BvM.

so if money is an issue should i still get a BVM or dv888?
my mother put my money in the bank and will let me use a bit so which should?

All YYF Metals are really solid yoyos, so if you get one you’ll be very happy. At the same time, I prefer the BvM. Some people will say that the shape is weird, but it fits in my hand very nicely and looks amazing. I like the Trainwreck for 1A more then 5A, and I know a lot of people that will agree. 5A and 1A yoyos are very interchangeable. However, if you’re talking about the Trainwreck 2.0, that’s a whole different story.

I’d go for a BvM. There are barely any left and they are so hard to find. You can always get a YYF metal, so wait on those. Plus, BvMs are $10 cheaper :wink:

BvMs are not close to 10 dollars cheaper than the Dv888, which happens to be the YYF metal we are currently talking about. the Dv888 is 65 dollars while the BvM is 110. You don’t have to be a genius to do the math here. It’s a 45 dollar difference with the Dv888 at the bottom. So if price matters, the Dv888 is a really good pick.

how about the cut are they good compare to a BVM?

The CUT is the one yoyo that I would do about anything to get hold of. Really cool shape. It is completely different to a BvM though. It is bigger, sharper and much lighter. So there is your distinction.

hey guys i decided to wait until december to get a metal yoyo…
but anyways thanks for the help guys

welllll i have the new ogopago BvM and it plays!! yyf metals are to plain for me and my bvm just hase more soul if that makes any scence id go for an m1 but you dont want one, but there a solid player can take a beating and are dead smooth like no joke.