YYF Horizon review.

Ok so if any one has seen my MYY M002 review, this one will be compared to the shutter as well.

Diameter:59 grams

The horizon is a great design, at a comfortable price. the massive finger grind cup, and the larger diameter stand it apart from other throws. Spins forever, Handles binds like a champion, grinds like a king and just looks great!

Now despite off axis being Paul Kerbels go to play, it does play pretty tight for off axis, but pauls a master so it really doesent matter…if you practice.

Now as for speed, it plays at about the medium level. Fast but controllable, the horizon makes it easy for high speed, tech and slack combos. Its very manuevrable at high speed and doesent even tilt to the slightest, making your favourite combo an easy job

In regard to select tricks like rejections and certain whips, the horizon is not as good as other throws. Now this is also another case of practice, but im just putting that out there.

Now the shutter plays as an all rounder, while the horizon, its pretty much a specielist job. Very unique to Pauls style. If you like pauls style, youll like this throw.

Check out Brandon Vu on youtube for a video review of the horizon!


Awesome review!:+1:

thank you

A diameter measured in grams?