Yyf gensis 2013 orange sitris vs clyw bone fire


The bonfire look good but I also like the gensis but I don’t know how any of them play


CLYW Bonfire? I say yes!


If you’re buying used I’d say genesis and if new I’d say bonfire

Mostly because you can get the genesis for fairly cheap used and the bonfire you can’t. That’s not because it’s a bad yoyo but that yoyofactory just doesn’t resale well these days due to how many people own them already and how many they sell.


Exactly what sparhawk said. They’re both amazing but you can get a bargain on the Genesis (iirc there is a near mint citrus one on the BST for $60 right now) whereas the Bonfire price is going to be pretty stiff whether it’s new or from the BST.