YYF Genesis B-Grade mod?


I picked up a B-grade YYF Bimetal Genesis earlier today and (shoots myself in the foot) after making the purchase I play it, found it had some nasty vibe. What I get for not testing before handing over the $20 for it.

That aside and moving forward, are there any kind of modifications that can be done? Basically the problem appears to lie in the off-centered SS rings, where it’s thinner on one section than the rest. I wouldn’t be able to do any mods myself (lack of skills and equipment). Would it be even worth anyone’s time to mod or should I just count the loss and move on? Not sure how costly it would be to do such a thing, so kind of testing the waters to see what kind of feedback I get.

My goal would be to get this to be a bit more smooth, currently vibe feels like it hampers the play.


Have you attempted to tune the yoyo at all? I was never able to tune a yoyo, but some people can do it super well and turn B grades into smooth yoyo’s. If a person with all the proper equipment were to try and cut down the rings so they were both the same size, I think it would cost a great deal, and generally not be worth the time and effort.




I’ve tuned several of my yoyos. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that this yoyo’s a lost cause. Definitely not happy with the purchase (kind of surprised this even made the cut for a b-grade, I honestly wouldn’t have tried to sell something like this), and pretty much “all sales are final” so I essentially spent $20 on a YYF flat bearing (I’ll most likely not really use).