YYF Czechpoint Binding Too Quick

Hey everyone, I recently got a B grade Czechpoint from YYF, however I have noticed it is reallyyyyy snaggy. Whenever I go to finger grind or if I pull sideways at all, the yoyo instantly binds all the string. I have tried a different string and still no luck. Initially I thought the bearing may have been responsive as well , but I swapped it out and no change. Could it be that the pads are just too grippy or need to be broken in more? I haven’t encountered this problem with any other throws thus far. Has anyone else had this issue? Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Service both bearings again.

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I agree with @stevejspins. It sounds like your bearings need some maintenance.

You may need to switch the pads. If I remember correctly there was a disclaimer saying some of the B-grade yoyos had weird pads.

He’d have to be using some pretty thick string to make contact with the pads doing finger grinds.