YYF/CLYW/Time Machine = Mini Cliffs :P


Sorry I know I just responded to something and said this but I want to see it so bad I had to make it’s own thread for it. I need mini CLYW yoyo’s :slight_smile: I think this would be so awesome I can’t get the smile off my face. Might Flea guts and CLYW shapes PLEASE!!!


Change your medication, son. You would have a better chance of : 1 seeing Haru ray throwing away his Wolf pajamas or 2 reading a post by Studio42 that actually made any sense.


This is the most epic post I have ever read.


I imagine a CLYW with only the guts of a Mighty Flea would play terrible. Imagine a Chief with those mini pads and bearings. Blegh.


What’s thew difference between a CLYW shape and a YYF shape? The Flea profile is a actually a little similar to a Peak. Sounds like you basically want a Mighty Flea in a CLYW box.


Lol that was awesome :slight_smile: and very true!


I just want my Cliff to be able to look over and think to itself because it obviously can’t talk loud enough to hear it … “I shall call it mini me”. Im sure it will play horrible I just want it.

Oh and also we are talking about yoyo’s. Some of you take yourselves to seriously.

And I am realizing that probably I am crazy or whatever and also I grew up in the 80"s and I think it is stuff like my micro machines collection and matchbox cars. I have a thing for miniature version of stuff i own or that exists in a full size.


You have no idea how much time and money CLYW would have to put in to satisfy your needs.


I guess I should have started this off with - “I realize this will never ever happen but…”

Oh and I am pretty sure the time machine is the thing that is going to be the hardest to come by. I mean I don’t know which company is closest to time travel but I can imagine that there is still some more research that needs to be done. And that is going to take time. So I guess I’ll resubmit this thread when I know that at least one of the company’s is getting close to finishing their flux capacitor.


This is kind of ridiculous though. I am fine with someone just deleting this thread and I will obviously from now on keep my silly ideas and comments to myself.

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Or seeing yoyodoc make a post that doesn’t try to call out someone is a downright juvenile way? :wink:

As for the OP, hey it could happen. A fun ultra mini clyw. Don’t go stating that it will never happen, cause it very much isn’t something too far fetched.


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Do me next!



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A titanium mini-Peak. We’ll call it the “Ridge”.


Do you realize, with CLYWs reputation, they would probably make ten of them and make them $500 each.


No, no, no, silly, you’re thinking of Anti Yo. :wink: