yyf 888 and yyf G5 help

So i was throwing my 888 and G5 today and all of a sudden, they came responsive. Now they won’t go back to unresponsive. is there anyway i can fix this without purchasing anything? Thanks! :smiley:

The bearings might just need to be cleaned, or broken in, if they’re new. If not, was the response damaged or anything? Did you lube the bearings?

if you have yyj thin lube thats better than cleaning the bearing and it WORKS ;D


This will not help responsiveness at all unless there’s already a thicker lube in there!

What if something is in the bearing? Thin lube won’t help at all. Try cleaning it then Very lightly lube it.

This is also not true. it actually can depending on what’s wrong with the bearing.

Ok, true… I over reacted a little…

Clean the bearing(s).

P.S. Shouldn’t this thread be in the maintenance section?