No sure if this is the correct board?

It would be cool if YYE made their own yoyo! Either delrin or metal. Personally I would mostly be interested in it if One Drop machined it.

Also, a YYE edition Legend Wing would be sweet!

It’s something we have thought about in the past, but nothing definite yet. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Where’s that YYE edition Legend Wing?

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This would be super cool. Maybe something to replace the DMII as the YYE’s choice :wink:


Do it! I’ll jump on that hype train :grin:

Getting One Drop to machine it would be the move.

I could see a YYE series with a $15-20 two bearing plastic, a $30-45 budget metal or plastic with metal weight rings, and an $80-120 premium metal, perhaps machined by OD, selling very well. I’ve wanted to see something like that for a long time. They should take the plunge and make it happen!

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