No sure if this is the correct board?

It would be cool if YYE made their own yoyo! Either delrin or metal. Personally I would mostly be interested in it if One Drop machined it.

Also, a YYE edition Legend Wing would be sweet!


It’s something we have thought about in the past, but nothing definite yet. Thanks for the suggestion!


Where’s that YYE edition Legend Wing?


This would be super cool. Maybe something to replace the DMII as the YYE’s choice :wink:

({John15}) #5

Do it! I’ll jump on that hype train :grin:


Getting One Drop to machine it would be the move.


I could see a YYE series with a $15-20 two bearing plastic, a $30-45 budget metal or plastic with metal weight rings, and an $80-120 premium metal, perhaps machined by OD, selling very well. I’ve wanted to see something like that for a long time. They should take the plunge and make it happen!