YYE whip contest

well there has been a lot of contests lately
like the suiside contest abnd samad’s contest so I decided to make a whip contest
there will be no prize but it will be fun
the rules:

you need to have a video camera
I will assing you with a person to compete with
there is NO limit on the amount of whips in your video
in the video you must perform at least:
one plastic whip
one wrist whip
and you may choose between a jade or iron whip although you may have both

the poiints for SUCSESFUL whips will go like this:
one plastic whip gives you :5 points
a wrist whip will give you :5 points
if you attempt a double wrist whip it will give you :6 points
an iron whip will give you: 7 points
a jade whip will give you :8 points
and if you attempt a double iron whip it will give you 10 points
you DONT have to do all of these just the ones I said before this

since you can miss a lot of whips you will lose a small amount of points for missing one
the point loses will go like this:
if you miss one plastic whip you will lose:3 points
if you miss a wrist whip you will lose :3 points
if you miss a double wrist whip you will lose :3 points
if you miss an iron whip you will lose :2 points
if you miss a jade whip you will lose :2 points
and if you miss a double iron whip you will lose NO points

remember there will be no prize this is just for fun
pm me or post the video here if you would like to compete
enjoy the contest

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I think if anything, this contest should be post-poned until the others finish up.

well I can do that but how come steven could make one while yours was running

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That was his choice, but now that we have 3, it would make it even harder to get your submissions in for the competitors if they have to do three. Which would make the contests worse, and could lead to disqualification, and would just mess everything up.

Also, the Suicide Contest isnt going to resume for another week, giving me time to do it.
Additionally, a tip of advice. If you are running a contest, I recommend proper grammar. It makes things easier to read, and seems more proper.

So doing this!!! Only thing I am good at. lol

well I could post-poned and I will until one or both other contest finish
sorry mage1342

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Thats no problem! I need to practice anyway!

then I will wait on my plan.

I will join later!

I’ll compete! But is there a time limit for how long your vid can be?

I recommend that when you do it, that a rule would be that a submission must not be an edited video. It’d sure be easy to edit out all the mistakes.

Sounds like fun! I can sure join in, get to work at my double iron whip! :smiley:

~yo! shi!

oh yeah add hook, reverse trap whip and triangle laceration. Those are whips too!

well ok then heres an update to the rules:
it must not be edited just one angle
and if I didnt mention any other whips they will be counted as:9 points

Lacerations?Brent stole? Those are basily whips…

ANY WHIPS that I did not mention counts as 9 points
and also if there is a tie I will post the videos and YYE members will vote for who should win

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Add a one shot, 1 min max rule. Modify your first post btw

Hey, just because I said dont do it now, doesnt mean you have to listen to me :wink:
If you want to do it now, go for it.

We’re still waiting for your video against yoyoman. The contest can’t ever end if you don’t post your vid. :stuck_out_tongue:

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