YYE tape


I saw this stuff on the site and was wondering if any of you use this. Does it feel weird?


I’d use it more if my kids didn’t take it and wreck it.

The callous on my right hand is cracking and I need it to cover it so I can keep throwing. It works good but you feel thick there. Other than that, no issues. It sticks to itself, not to you.

I only use it when I need it.

If I can’t find it soon, I’ll order more. It’s good to have around.


Haven’t tried the stuff on YYE, but I use 3M medical tape. Works great when my skins dries out in the fall/winter (thanks, northern Michigan!) and causes the string to slice through my fingers.


It’s nice, just actually got a few rolls of it over the weekend. It feels kind of odd the first few throws because of the bit of extra thickness around the finger, but it’s nothing that would stop me from using it. Not sure how many wraps you’d have to use to get the string to keep your circulation flowing, but if you’re looking to just stop the string from slicing into your finger it will do the trick.

It’s also reusable to an extent. I’ll use one strand of it two or three times before throwing it away.


I almost bought this stuff once because I have a recurring cut from yoyoing on the joint going to the last section of my middle finger during the colder, dryer months.

But then, I realized I’d probably not wear it. I don’t like the feeling of band-aids and jewelry on me. :slight_smile:

I go au naturale.


Ive never bought the YYE tape, but have used regular, bandage-colored stuff available at any drugstore. I prefer the heavy duty version, which lasts much longer. I like my hands too much to want to deal with callouses.