Yoyo Finger Tape

Heard it was sold in pharmamcies so I wanted to ask the name. Like what would it be called if I asked?

I actually find it cheaper and easier to rip a tissue in half, fold it up, and wrap it around your finger. You can go all day without your finger changing color.

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Oh this is great!! It works well! The know stays on well too. I barely feel anything on my fingers now!
Thanks a lot! :wink:

i would just take it for a week or two, then you never have to worry about tape again. My string finger is like Fred Flintstone’s feet. Might hurt a lil bit for a while but it’s worth it! If u must buy tape from the store, try athletic tape/wrap. The tape they sell here looks like the tape they wrap up hockey sticks with. You can also try to go to Walmart and buy the soft grip tape for a tennis racquet. My advice, grow them callouses…

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No tape. Once your fingers get used to it, you will never need tape again.

This is very true but I find myself needing it in the winter. Cold + YoYo string = Ow, I’m bleeding!!!

The brand I use is Nexcare (they have it in Walmart), they make most if not all of their products latex free. So if anyone has that allergy, you may want to look into that.

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That would be elastic bandages.

Saw some at walmart today.

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Uhh, I’ve been yoyoing for a whole year with no callouses. Not happening. I’m used to string knots on my hands but I think I forgot to mention it’s 2A. And I can’t stand 2A for more 2 loops. If I rub my finger against something, like a pillow, it would still hurt. I can’t stand it.

Thanks minusmike, Crosswhite, Jake.