YYE Store disabled links

sometimes, i want to look at some pictures of yoyos and their stats or to learn more about certain yoyos. but YYE has removed the yoyo hyper-link so then im left to wander aimlessly.

Ever wondered why YYE takes out hyper-links for the yoyo store?
-they took out half of the link btw. the yoyo is listed, but brings you to the general store page. which is annoying. if you dont have the yoyo, might as well not put it there anyways. right?

i know a reason may be that it is truly out of stock, and have no planned time of an order for that particular item. but i think it certainly does do better to leave the yoyo page there so we can all see the yoyo, stats and colorways and whatnot.

I tend to agree. What’s technically happening is that the page itself IS removed completely. But any old links that weren’t removed trigger a page not found error which in turn simply redirects you to the main store site. You can see this by making up a page link out of thin air:


You’ll go to the main page.

The problem with keeping around discontinued yoyos is that the store then just becomes too expansive and difficult to navigate. So I can see why they’d remove those links. All that’s missing, really, is to clean up orphaned links elsewhere on the site. As for links from the forum, not much you could do about that. There are “ways” to do it, but I don’t know if it’s worth it.

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i would want to buy a that yoyo if it was made

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