UPDATE: RE: Linking to Stores

(Chris Allen) #1

DrYoYo Here. Andre has said in the past that linking to other stores is okay as long as YoYoExpert does not carry the yo-yo. After talking to Andre, we need to clarify. While the YoYoExpert forum would prefer to have all store links passed in PM only, we will say that it is only okay to post to other stores, if YoYoExpert does not sell the “Brand” (i.e. CLYW, OneDrop, BIST, ect.) or if it is a Store Exclusive (Such as the YYF Skyline, which is exclusively sold to another store). If it is a Brand that YoYoExpert carries, then it is likely that the YoYoExpert staff is working on getting the Yo-Yo in the YoYo Expert store.
So basically, if the yo-yo you want to link to is at another store, and it is:
A. A store exclusive
B. A brand that YoYoExpert does not carry
then you are okay to link to the store in question

If the yo-yo is:
A. NOT a store exclusive
B. A brand that YoYoExpert carries
then you should NOT link to the store in question

Hope that clears things up for you guys.

I’ll leave this loose for a while, and after a few days I will sticky this to the forum rules.


Thanks dryoyo. :slight_smile:

I think a lot of people have been wondering about this for a while.

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Clarification for the win!

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Not sure what’s so funny with that…

(SR) #6

Thanks for clearing thing up.


What? Huh? OH NO! I’ve linked to… well I won’t say it… twice! I’ve violated the awesomeness of DrYoYo! Im a bad man!!! I must run away, change my name. That’s it! JK… but I’m a bad man!


It doesn’t matter for right now. You can let it slide… just because you disobey someone, doesn’t mean you are a bad man. I mean, seriously? I can understand that that would be a joke, but a really bad one, IMO.

Great post dryoyo.


Umm… hehe… errrr… yeah, great post dryoyo.

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Ok… Let me get this strait, would linking to yyn be ok since you guys don’t carry CLYW?



(Chris Allen) #13

If you are linking to a CLYW yoyo yes, you could. We would PREFER that you kept ALL links to other stores in PM’s but in the above case, you could.