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(WildCat23) #1

Maybe YYE could have a page in their store where you can see all of the yoyo’s that they once sold, and are no longer in production.


If they did that in an area clearly labeled “Discontinued”, that would be cool. I didn’t like now another store(that is gone for good) had wonderful archives, but it leads you to think you could get that, only to discovery “nope, not gonna happen”.

Also, another store kind of does this as well. It’s a bit annoying because it’s part of the store.

(WildCat23) #3

Yeah, that’s what I meant. A separate section called “Discontinued” of “Archives.”


It’s hard to say what the “demand” would be for a feature. Then, you have the issue of moving stuff to it and maintaining it. Then the other issue of “why isn’t this or that in there”. Also, since YYE tends to keep their online catalog fairly current, I wonder how much “legacy data” is stored.

This definitely can be done. The questions are really should it be done and will it be done.

One of the issues with the database I’m compiling is that there’s going to be omissions I cannot avoid. Why? I’m simply not going to know what’s been overlooked most of the time. That’s why I’m trying to get others to participate and help me keep it a complete as possible.