Yoyonation Becoming Online Museum


I am pretty sure I’m allowed to post this. I read the rules and this isn’t a store (anymore) and there are no links! It is strictly informational.

I don’t know how many of us used to use Yoyonation as a database for yoyo pics, specs, and just general knowledge, but I do know one thing: They are turning the site into an online museum. I find this interesting and exciting because from what I can tell they have always kept the pages in their “store” section that were years old. I mean you can find anything in their database. Most websites weren’t like that. I was so disappointed when I found they had closed for good. The great news is that Yoyoskills is taking it over on their server to cover the cost that the previous owner could not afford.

So, yeah! Wooooohooooo!

And I definitely love Yoyoexpert way more, as I’m sure we all do, but it’s good to see such an expansive database brought back from the afterlife.


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As long as there’s no other option for them, I’m really glad to hear that they’re at least keeping the store pages. Doesn’t matter what throw you look up, first hit is almost always a YYN store page with all the specs, details, and MSRP which is hugely helpful.

Toast to YYN. clink


There were no other options. Their inventory was robbed and it fell apart from there. I agree *toast


Great news! thanks


they banned me, twice lol. so i just said, screw it. yoyoexpert is way better


I don’t mean to attack you, but I think that’s your fault to be banned, YoRED and not YYN’s when they are just keeping order.

Anyway, this sounds amazing! :smiley: I never bought anything from YYN but it was my main forum until things didn’t turn out as staff liked.

…though I wonder what’s gonna happen to the other YYN offshoots (I recall the guys in the Philippines were selling stock with the store name) [again, not like it’s gonna drive business away from here]

They can at least revive the off-topic subforum though.
And it’s still sad that YYN had this fate because two kids decided to steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of of yoyos. It’s sad, but at least something positive will come to this.

Toast, *clink


It truly is. I got banned once as well. Too bad someone hacked my account and started posting obscene topics. They were really cool about it though.


It’s very cool of Chris to do this, but I’m pretty surprised there was no party interested in investing in the store.

The name is still very well know and with sales of over a million dollars per year in the past, I would have thought someone would have given it a go. A few obvious candidates spring to mind immediately, but who knows, maybe the brand wasn’t even shopped to investors.

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It would be cool if someone could get together a complete database of almost every yoyo and turn it into a website. YYN has a LOT of yoyos in theirs, but they are missing some newer throws.

(Chris Allen) #10

Once i crack that code, this is my plan


*toast to YYN


i think studio42 is doing something like this or with how much he knows about yoyos it seems like he is doing this


I’m happy to see that their catalog is being preserved. It is a valuable resource.


I’m still compiling stats for a database. Ideally, it would be best used if it could be tied into something like a YYN “YoYo archives” site, since then it could be cross-referenced to photos.

Also, I’m pretty slammed for the next two weeks, as I have lighting design for a show to get through. I have done over 500 models and I have like close to 300 more on my “list of models to get to list”. Some help would be great. I’m updating the document on my Facebook group tomorrow morning.


Very productive and positive conversation! Thanks for the info!


Have at it.