YYE Sling Bag

I love the new sling bag, I want it really badly. But I cant have logos on my bags, so I was wondering if there was any way that I could get a plain black sling bag like this, or if I could customize one somewhere. Thank you for reading and please help if possible.


Get one and paint it.

Just curious, why no logos?

I feel like that’s kind disrespectful towards YoYoExpert. I don’t wanna ruin a product that they spent time on customizing, I’d rather get a plain one.

School. Can’t have uncommon logos for safety reasons (gang symbols, drug images, etc.). I find that stupid, there’s atleast 10 YoYo players at my school. They even let the “Japanese store’s” logo be accepted.

Have you actual asked the school if that one would work?

If it doesn’t find a way to cover it up while your there. Make it temporary so you can take it off when you leave. That way it still shows off yye.

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Duct tape. :wink:

beat me, to it. If you can’t fix something with duct tape… you’re not using enough duct tape :stuck_out_tongue:

duct tape and wd40. If its not moving and it should use wd40. if its moving and it shouldn’t use duct tape.

Yeah I asked. If I’m caught hiding logos I’ll get in trouble. I even showed them the bag picture, they said no, not only because of the logo but because of the colors too. Red is gang affiliated in San Jose (most of CA as well) and its banned unless its on ties for special occasions. I don’t need a guide on how to cover it up, I need to know how to permanently take it off, or get a plain one. I know INNOV makes them and the one they have has the Play logo but I can’t find that one for sale. They make the YYE 2 compartment holsters as well. If I could keep the logo on I would, I love YoYoExpert and I would love to show them off on everything that I own but I can’t (at least in school).

sounds like the people in charge at your school need a right royal reality check, I thought my school had it’s problems but WOW. And really are gangs THAT big of a problem in your area or is your school just THAT out of touch?

Sorry I can’t think of a solution, apart from finding a school that isn’t so… I don’t think I could describe where I’m going with this sentence in polite company…

Yeah it’s pretty bad over here, the school isn’t paranoid they have a very good reason to be doing what they’re doing. I just need a plain Sling bag. Tis’ all.

Well then I guess I can understand the red being a issue, but the emblem of an online store??? my sentiment stands.

Good Luck finding something to suit.

Maybe you could show them the YYE website to show it’s not a “gang related” logo.

Apparently you don’t understand the extent of gang stupidity in California. In some areas, it IS that big of a problem. In my area, it’s more wanna-bes trying to “walk the walk”. However, not 10 minutes from my house, it’s a serious problem. It’s not quite as bad as an area such as Oakland(where over 80% is gang controlled), but it is bad enough I’d recommend using napalm to deal with the issue. A couple of fairly well placed drops will scare them into behaving reasonably.

Personally, I would ask the following question to YYE:
Is the logo embroidered? If so, it can be removed. It will be a pain in the butt, but it can be done with the right tools, and the right tools don’t cost all that much(probably less than $10). Then there’s the time to remove it, which I won’t comment on since I don’t need to remove logos.

Not having a logo on items isn’t going to be unique to schools. I believe for the military, product logos are highly discouraged.

I just need a plain sling bag.

See if Andre can have one included on a future order where there’s no logo applied.

I got one as a gift. It’s awesome! It has a huge pocket in the back that I never knew about, to keep personal stuff close by.

Glad you like it. Did you manage to get one with no logo?

No. But I think I know how to take it off.