yye replacment bearings

ok i was in the yye shop and i saw the yye replacment bearings and i was wondering how good they where just in case i need a new bearing or to get extras incase i loose one.


I’m gussing they play like the YYJ Speed Bearings.

YYJ Speed bearings play sooo good. If they’re well maintained.

Yeah, some people like certain bearings, and some people don’t. Like I’m one of the people who hate them.

How can you hate them? They’re amazing imo.

yes in YOUR opinion
in HIS opinion he hates them

I never said he had to love them, I just asked him why he hates them.

I just don’t like the way they perform and stuff. I hate YYJ IMO.

Hating YYJ is like saying you hate air :open_mouth:

That’s totally not true.

For me atleast. :slight_smile:


onedrop 10 ball bearings are great! ;D

i know they are but get back on topic

ok well if you want my opinion i would say yes because they’re cheap and will do the job if you lose a bearing :smiley:

ok next timme im going to buy a bearing ill order one and test it